About Us

COVER US is located in Riverside, California. The company is known for providing superior customer service since 1991. US Covers pioneered spa covers on the internet in 1995.

COVER US standard spa covers are 4″-2″ tapered, meaning they are four inches thick at cover’s center and taper out to two inches thick at cover’s edge. This provides for easy rain run-off allowing for extended spa cover life.

Spa covers also come in three densities of foam. In cooler climates, covers with higher densities are recommended for heat retention. One quarter pound (1.25) density gives an insulation R-Rating of 16. Up to 2 pound density will give a rating of up to 17.

COVER US 5″-2 1/2″ tapered spa cover can hold up to 500 pounds or more and has a foam density of 1 1/2 pounds and has insulation rating of 19. The denser the foam, the more weight it will hold. COVER US advises this particular spa cover to the customer with small children, pets or heavy snow loads. COVER US believes in SAFETY FIRST!

COVER US also offers easy spa cover lifts for our customers. These easy spa cover lifts make the sometimes awkward and cumbersome task of taking spa covers on and off a breeze! COVER US offers four different options for cover lifts. The Cover Valet uses a hydraulic system to lift one side of the spa cover on top of the lip of the spa. This particular spa cover lifter works with most spas and does not need the two-three foot clearance area required by COVER US’S other lifters. The Cover Caddy comes equipped with a system of two roll arms in which the cover slips into the roll arms and recedes to one side of the cabinet. The Rock*It Lifter and the Genie Lifter simply bring the cover down to one side of the cabinet. Please click on links for pricing, detailed information and visual aids.

COVER US provides accessories, Spa Side Hand Rails, Spa Side Umbrellas, Spa Side Towel Trees, Spa Steps and Cover Stands as well as Spas, Saunas and attractive Gazebos. Click on links for pricing, detailed information and visual aids.