How to Measure a Radius Aluminum Spa Cover

Aluminum Spa Cover Radius Measuring GuideWith a carpenter’s framing square, you need to “square” out the corner. What will result is the framing square representing where the corner would be if the corners were not rounded.

As illustrated above, after “squaring” out the corner, measure along the framing square the distance from the inverse midpoint (A) and the end beginning of the rounded corner (B).






Radius measuring help
This is what happens when the radius is measured wrong. The cover will be short on the corners and then you will have too much of the Acrylic showing and not sealing correctly. L&W were perfect but the ” Radius” was ordered as a 12″. Needed to be 9″ or 10″.
Radius Measuring Help
This corner was ordered with a 5″ radius. It should have been a 7″ Radius. Length and width are correct, but the radius was ordered too small so the spa cover extended out a bit too far. The spa cover still seals with the extra gasket material that we send.