Customer Testimonials – Vinyl Covers



From Riverside, California to Pelham, Alabama….Success!

Tom S
October 19, 2015


My spa cover fits and looks very nice. I remember going to your place a long time ago. The person that helped me Friday, Mike? was very nice and very helpful, made a smooth transaction. Thanks again.

John F.
March 9, 2015

Couldn’t be happier with my cover.  Thanks for the great service.

December 19, 2014


We received the cover, it fits, looks great, definitely better than the old one which was on it’s last thread.  Thanks so much.  Will recommend you if I get the opportunity.

October 13, 2014


Received the spa cover, looks and fits great.

Thank you!

August 20, 2014


Thanks for doing everything so well.  The cover arrived on time and fit perfectly.  We could not be more pleased.

August 11, 2014

Thanks Sharon,

The cover is very nice.

May 14, 2014


The cover is great, thanks so much.

August 15, 2013


The cover is great, thanks so much.

August 15, 2013

 Dear Sharon,

Our new spa cover was just delivered and the guys installed it.  I think it looks great!  Thank you for your assistance in getting this done.

July 25, 2013


Thanks for the good work.  I’ll have another order next month.  The special cover is a nice fit.  Very sturdy.

June 25, 2013


The cover looks and fits very well.  Thank you for everything.

April 3, 2013

Hi Sharon,

I want to say thank you for the hot tub cover you sent.  It is really nice.  I received it in good condition and in a most timely manner.

February 18, 2013


The cover is wonderful!  You are so sweet to check-in.  Thank-you again for everything, you guys rock!

January 23, 2013


True to your promise, the spa cover was delivered the day before Thanksgiving.  Thanks again for a great cover.  This is the best one yet!

November 28, 2012


Received the cover and it is great.  Thanks again!

September 7, 2012


Thanks for the excellent service…we will recommend you!

Jane M
August 28, 2012


Got it!  and it Fits!  It looks amazing!  ty ty

Penny S
July 4, 2012


It fits perfectly.  Nicely done.

Wilson Trucking forgot to call as they said they would–shame on them–but by accident I was home not just the little block of time but all day.

Thank you again.  You asked all the right questions to get this one to fit right on the mark.

Randy K
June 28, 2012


Love our new spa cover.  It fits perfectly. It is nicer than the original that came with the spa when it was new.  Thank you for the courteous and professional way everything was handled with this online transaction.

May 15, 2012


Customer servies was top notch.  Return and exchange went without any issues.  Received a perfect cover for my hotttub at a very reasonable price.  Would do business with this company again.

March 15, 2012


Thanks for getting the covers delivered.  They were delivered late yesterday (Thursday), and I installed them today.  They are perfect, look great, and I’ll recommend you to my friends in the hope of helping you get more business.

Pleasure to do business with you!

November 11, 2011

 P.S. You may consider adding the airconditioner covers to your “shower cap” line because it looks and works good, and I believe that there are more a/c’s out there than spas.


Cover arrived today and fit perfectly!

Thanks for your speedy response, very good customer service and prompt delivery!

October 18, 2011

Hi Sharon,

Love my new cover, it fits perfectly.  Thanks for all your help.

September 7, 2011


The cover came today andit fits perfectly.  Couldn’t ask for better service or value.  Have a great summer!

July 25, 2011

Got it yesterday.  It fits perfectly!

Thank you !

July 14, 2011


Thanks for the covers.  They all fit great and look good!

June 21, 2011


I picked up the cover and installed it on my hot tub.  I’m extremely pleased. The fit is perfect.  The quality of materials and construction are excellent.

Thank you so much!

June 15, 2011


I wanted to send you a picture of the cover and how well it fits.  In fact, it is a perfect fit.  Thanks to you and your fabricators for doing such a great job on a specialty request. Thanks again.

May 9, 2011


True to your promise, the spa cover was delivered the day before Thanksgiving.   Thanks again for a great cover.  This one is the best yet!

November 28, 2012

Dear Sharon,
I just wanted to tell you that the spa cover fit beautifully, perfect size and color.  Thank you for the prompt and reliable service.  Thanks again.

March 23, 2011

Great Cover, thank you!!  Will recommend to everyone I know.

March 21, 2011

Hi Sharon, I got the cover a few hours ago and put it on the tub.  It looks great and fits just right.  Thanks for everything!  And have a great Thanksgiving!

Dino V
November 23, 2010

Got everything Sharon.  Wonderful doing business with you!

October 19, 2010


Got it.  Love it!  THANKS.

September 13, 2010

Dear Sharon,

I have just received my new cover today.  I must say that it is perfect.  Thank you for all your help in this matter.  I will use your company again when this wears down.  I know just how hard you work to resolve this problem.  THANKS.

June 15, 2010

Hello Sharon,

Just wanted to let you know that the cover fitted perfectly on the jacuzzi.  Thanks a lot for your help.

Take care and happy holidays,


April 1, 2010

Hi Sharon,

I am very happy with my new cover thanks for your help.  This will be much better energy efficient.  It fits great !  Thanks

Greg Viera
March 26, 2010

Thanks for everything, Sharon! Cover looks great!

March 25, 2010

 Sharon.  Just wanted to let you know how much we like the new spa cover and the “shower cap” too.

Merry Christmas

Dolly Mack
December 24, 2009

Hi Sharon.  Got it yesterday and it fits very nicely.  Thank you very much!

Bob Grubel

November 14, 2009

Thanks Sharon.  It arrived and fits perfectly!  Thanks for the fast service and I hope you have a great week.

Brian Jablonski
September 14, 2009

Sharon, I just wanted you to know that the cover I ordered arrived on the 27th and fits like a glove!  Andy was very pleased with his birthday present.  The last cover did not fit well–too big–was likely ordered based on the base size of the tub rather than the top and was broken by a guest who thought it could double as a place to sit!  Thanks again for your assistance figuring the corners.

 Mary Haller

August 29, 2009


Received cover today. Looks and fits great!

Tom Kuter
July 13, 2009

You guys really came through…above and beyond.

Jesse Gioulis, New Jersey
May 16, 2009

Wow…you guys sure do business the right way.  I meant to call you today, but got too busy and now it’s probably after business hours.  My spa cover arrived last evening via SAIA 18 wheeler.  The guy was GREAT and we got it unwrapped and placed, then I was supposed to check it out.  I was so fascinated with how great it looked that I had a hard time not containing myself.


The driver remarked about it too and I told him I had painted our redwood color Morgan spa this gray recently then had to order a new cover.  Unbelievably, it’s the same as the paint and looks like a whole new tub.

Cannot thank you enough and have already spoken highly of your business and method of treating customers.  We will NEVER do business with anyone else if you have the product we need.

Thank you so very much and feel free to use us for anyone questioning your product look, customer service and quality.  Am happy to take pics and send you if that would help.  This is beautiful.

Best regards,

Jill and Mike,Texas
May 14, 2009

Thank you for your good service. I am very happy not only with the cover, one should expect a good product. What makes this special is your time in making sure we got what we needed. You spent over 15 minutes on the phone with us while we measured, and you confirmed what we were doing. You sold us what we needed, and made sure we got  what we expected, and in  a very timely manner. Your son was professional, and respectful. The delivery went well, the clean up was helpful and worth the fee. Continue to treat your customers this well and you will stay in business. Know that I spent my future stimulus check with Cover Us, and it was made in the USA!

Thanks again, Ilona
April 4, 2009

Thanks for the cover!! Works great.

Robert F – Texarkana,Texas

February 22, 2009

Received the cover yesterday.  It seems to be just what it needed. Thanks for such great service. I have your site bookmarked in order to refer your service to others. Thanks again.

Chaser – Hannibal, MO
February 20, 2009

We purchased a spa cover from your company October 27, 2008.  I just had to write you and let you know how happy we have been with it!  It keeps the heat in so much better than our old one ever did!  Yesterday, I turned off the heater to drain the spa, because the time for draining it was overdue. I turned it off around 4:00 PM, the temperature was around 101-102 degrees.  I checked the temp. This morning around 6:30 AM and it was 98 degrees!  The outside temp was 34 degrees.  I don’t remember the old cover ever keeping the temperature that high overnight!  You can use my name for references if you like.

Roberta T – El Cajon, CA

January 30, 2009

That is a great cover!  I’m glad I found you again. Henry B – Los Angeles, CA December 15, 2008

Thanks, Sharon.  Amazingly, the cover was delivered yesterday afternoon.  I was shocked! Thanks for the prompt service.

Jeff L – South Lake Tahoe, CA
October 7, 2008

Rec’d the cover today.  Just wanted to let you know that the square 8×8 fits our 8’ 6” x7’ 7” hot tub cover.  As you may remember we weren’t sure that it would.  Thanks.

Edward B – Pittsburg, PA
September 8, 2008

Oh thank you!  I so appreciate your going the extra mile for this…  It has been anything but ideal dealing with the other folks!  The latest story is that they are out of stock, but are getting them in today.  Odd for the manufacturer to be out of stock – just make’em before you take the money! (At least that’s how I think it should work!) And the freight isn’t bad at all

Becki G – West Redding, CT

June 13, 2008

You have been so patient with my phone calls.  Thank you very much for your assistance with my order.  The new spa cover is absolutely amazing.  Not only light, the burgundy color goes well with the wood trim, it is easy to lift.  Replacing an eighteen year old cover, I am thrilled with your product’s sleek look and easy handling. You will certainly be recommended to anyone commenting on the attractiveness of my new spa cover.  I hope business stays brisk for you throughout these summer months.

Catherine N – Freemont, CA

June 2, 2008